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    The Ionic Detox Allows the Body to Safely Eliminate Toxins Naturally and Without Pain

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Ionic Detox Machine Comparision

Ionic Detox Machine Comparision

If you compare our detoxification foot bath to our competitors, such as A Major Difference Ion Cleanse or Hymbas Optimum Focus, there's no comparison. At less than half the price we offer a higher quality foot bath machine. Whether you're interested in purchasing an ion cleanse machine for personal use or you're looking to offer detoxification to your clients you can't go wrong by purchasing an Ionic Detox VS machine. 

Your first step toward a healthier you!

 ION Bath cleansesThe Ionic Detox VS is a footbath of the finest technology. By using it, you will obtain fast results, sometimes surprisingly so. It is a way to cleanse toxins from your body that have accumulated over the years and a way to regain optimum physical and energetic balance. Today, living with a lot of physical, mental and emotional stress, with unbalanced diets, chemical medications, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and air pollution the body has a lot more difficulty functioning, because it is blocked by waste like : heavy metals, chemical agents, pollution, free radicals , etc... that accumulate.

In our body, under our skin we have energy circuits that acupuncturists call meridians. Some blocked meridians could cause an unbalance in our bodies, that if ignored could cause illness, so the ionic detox can raise the vital energy of the body by unblocking the stagnant energy of the meridians and favor the well-being, the release of tensions, and a better control of emotional stress.

The Ionic Detox VS Allows the Body to Safely Eliminate Toxins Naturally and Without Pain.

This "Biological machine" is the perfect natural treatment for revitalize, stimulate, tone, and re-balance the negative ions in your body to better adapt and resist all of life’s changes. The highly concentrated ions field in the foot bath draws the toxins to your feet. The toxins leave the body through the skins pores to be ultimately neutralized and confined in the ionized water.

  • Promote exchange through the cell membrane.
  • Allow better use of oxygen and increase the elimination of carbon dioxide from the cells in general
  • Improve and Regulate the functions of the central nervous, and neuro-endoctrine systems
  • Improve Brain Function
  • Strengthen the Immune System providing greater resistance to infections in general
  • Promote Improvement of physical vitality, intellectual, psychological and sexual health with an increase in performance and efficiency
  • Promote Resistance to fatigue, infections, and stress in general. Slow the aging process, regulate,balance and rejuvenate every major body function

The Detox Machine

ionic detox machineThe IONIC DETOX VS, belt and ionizer are entirely manufactured in Canada (Quebec) with quality certified parts. We use an ionizer of superior quality built from surgical stainless steel. Its use will vary from 20 to 60 footbaths depending on the level of maintenance. The machine is equipped with a washable infra-red belt. Which supplies heat that could help eliminate excess abdominal fat when worn on the front or low back pain, when worn on the back.

We love our Ionic foot bath but we know it can't be used by everyone. That's why we sure to mention the following warnings about using the Ionic Detox VS

WARNING: The footbath is not for people who:

  • Use medication to regulate heart rate, to prevent physical or mental disabilities, psychotic episodes, seizures, ect...
  • Wear or carry a pacemaker or other electric implant.
  • Have open wounds on the submerged body part.
  • Have received a transplant, or removal of an organ.
  • Underwent removal of the colon
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing.

The three pillars of health and wellness are diet nutrition exercise and detoxification. Ionic detox offers you the most comprehensive program available coupled with quality nutritional supplement.

The Ionic Detox VS is not intended to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any disease. None of the information provided by Ionic Detox VS is intended to act as a substitute for medical counseling, nor does it involve the diagnosis, prognosis, or prescription of remedies for the treatment or prevention of any disease. Please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner for medical advice. Statements made on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We are not responsible for typographical errors. Please review the manual before using Ionic Detox VS. We try to provide information to help you understand how the Ionic Detox VS foot spa works and how best to use it. Everyone is different, and adjustments to its usage may be needed. Overuse can decrease energy levels. Please follow the instructions and proceed carefully for your best results.
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